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Me working on a solar panel in Costa Rica
I became interested in Alternative Energy when I was in college.  I would tinker around (even though I am not that handy) with anything I come across.  Together with my buddy and neighbor, Anthony, we purchased all the courses we can get our hands on.  Anthony actually works for a Company that Builds Solar Panels here in Colorado.  But he is just a paper pusher.  Over the last couple of years we create several Home Made Solar Power Systems that worked ok and kind of struggled until we found a couple of products which we reviewed below.  After we purchased them: I cut my energy costs at my house by 83%.  Now I save on average $63 per month.  Anthony cut his by almost 70% and saves $98 a month (He has a lot of gadgets to power).

Me in college working on Solar             

BELOW The 2 BEST DIY Solar Panel Products

(In Our Opinion)

We have also been able to find all the materials for less than $180!  You can easily recoup that in a couple of months then get FREE energy for the rest of your life.  With the input from one Engineer at Anthony’s Company (who shall remain nameless) we Reviewed all the courses and ebooks on How To Create Solar Panels and DIY Solar Power (as of February 2011)

Anthony at his company may 08
This picture is of Anthony at his Solar Panel Place of Business.  Both him and myself love this stuff.
You don't need to spend $1000 on Solar Panels from his company, you can make them from scratch for CHEAP

These 2 Courses have everything on Do-It-Yourself Solar Panel Kits and you will need nothing else.  The easy to follow step-by-step guides are complete and will walk you through every process.  It has been our practice that to get one of these Solar systems up and running was about a half day.  Don’t get me wrong we are not handy at all.

As far as the others that we reviewed:  There was a lot of fluff and some even missed a couple of steps.  Some, you can tell, where written by Engineers who don’t see the day of light and do not know how to write!  They where so hard to follow and scattered.  So hands down we picked the 2 Best ones, no other course even comes close.

First Solar Panel Built     My Solar Panel After I Learned A Few Things

As you can see I have come a long way.  The picture on the left is from a recycled solar panel that
I got for free when I first started a couple years ago.  The picture on the right was made after I purchased
Power 4 Home.  You can see a huge difference.  It cost me less than $100 for that panel.

#1 - Our First Choice

Create Power For Your Home With Solar   power for home banner

“Power 4 Home” is the best guide out there.  It has everything you need to start saving money on energy right away.  The step-by-step guides are organized and easy to follow and have tons on useful information that you need.  There are tons of illustrations to make it easier to follow than the others.  It is broken out in to 3 separate courses.  The first one is solar power and is great the 2nd is wind power (a bonus in our mind and could take us off the grid entirely!)  However wind seems a little complicated and you also have to check and see if your city or town even would allow you to put up a homemade wind turbine.  But the biggest bonus of all is How to find FREE batteries and FREE Solar Panels.  If someone asked us “If I just wanted one guide, what should I buy?” -> This guide would be it.

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Updated:  (February 9th, 2011) We just checked and the price of the guide is $49.97. Because it is so popular they could change the price any day, so check out the website now to see if this price is still available.  I will try and update this periodically.


#2 - Home Made Energy (Our 2nd Choice)

homemade energyThis is the first one we tried since it had the best directions to date.  It only cost $47 so we decided to try it.  Later after seeing our first choice we wish we spent the money earlier.  Don’t get me wrong, this guide was still much better than all the others we reviewed.  There where just not enough illustrations at points and at times there was too much info.  It took us 2 days to build a solar power system as apposed to a half day with our first choice.  But the system worked just as good if even better than our 2nd try.  Still in our opinion one of the best out there

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Interesting Picture

Not A Good Day For Solar Power
My Solar Panel under a foot of snow.  As you can see this was not a good day to collect Solar Energy. 
However to my amazement I did catch some.

Some Pictures Of My Solar Power Generator

my free batteriessolar battery regulator and load controller   
Picture on the left is of my Free Batteries!  Picture on the right is the load controller and battery regulator.
Looks complex but it is not.

kevins solar panel schematic

This is how my setup use to look like.  I just used it to power my computer at first and did it in half a day. 
It was pretty simple and with help from the above courses it did work great!  Now I power my house.

In Conclusion

Both of these systems work great and both Anthony and myself are saving a ton of money and we didn't have to spend $6000 on Solar Panels.  Please also note - a nice feature of both products is if you are not satisfied with one or the other you can return them and get all your money back.  We purchased 5 other guides which where ok - however we kept coming back to these 2 for everything.  You will spend less than $200 and start saving now!

Note: Why do you think NASA has used solar power for over 50 years now -> Because it works!  Save the planet and save a ton of money at the same time.